The Awakening of the Desert King


!After fleeing the worm infested Hotel Shaitan and defeating the Dread Host of Malbogiah our heroes continued on their way north towards the capital of Alesandria. A few miles away from the monastery the group observed the Silvenstri airship to leave the storm now dissipating over the Runespire. The fading clouds and lightning was accompanied by the sounds of distant black powder shots and small flashes surrounding the spire area.

The airship rapidly approached the fleeing party and then hovered for a time as if waiting. Cloudlike, vaporous frost silhouettes of eight foot humanoids descended down on the group from the vessel some sixty feet overhead. Approaching the group they dropped a scroll ahead of them on the twisting, dusty roadway. Still several hours from sunrise the escapees of Brimstone hid away until the ship zoomed north into the night.

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They then moved north as the light appeared in the east. As a small hill side town just came into view to the northeast several large scorpions appeared and begin to attack them. After dispatching these giant arachnids a strange sight appeared over a large rocky clump. A half man half scorpion that Dim had heard were once called the Belial. The figure introduced himself as Occam one of the last then Belial in the world. He was saddened by the loss of his scorpion livestock and requested that the group somehow help him. This involved journeying to the river bottom area known as the Dread Marsh where their ancient temple could be found. Apparently his brothers and sisters and father had all begun to act very strangely and speak in a bizarre language.

Promising to help Occam the heroes journeyed on to the scrubland town of Semasit Evervas where they quickly met the Onda (mayor) of the village Ezeek Kwazahali. Ezeek was also the tavern keeper and owner of the main mercantile shop in the village. Guido and Dim came into the town where they soon realized numerous people were missing, Semasit had become rather impoverished. Trade into and out had become beset by attackers in the night. Finally, two days before the Shrine to Sol had been ransacked, the head cleric was gone and blood and gore were found splattered about the place. Guido investigated and found that the sanctified ground had in fact been violated by symbols of evil and darkness. Dim was able to make a small amount of money entertaining the saddened villagers with acrobatics and tricks.

Finally the group gathered in the Shining Crescent Moon Tavern and discussed heading into the deep shadows of the Dread Marsh and seeking out the lost children and villagers. It was here they met X? operative of the Circulum Ursinum that promised to bring them a message if they in fact could discover the goings on in the Well of Dreams Temple. The home of the Belial.

Guido and Occam managed to subdue four of the Belial and then returned back to Semasit to regroup with the others.


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