The Awakening of the Desert King


Act I You'd Better Watch Out, There May Be Dogs About

As the group finally decided to do what they can to evacuate the people of Semasit from the Well of Dreams and get to the road and head north to Mannan.

Meanwhile Dim Mak took to the skies aboard his new companion the Ryular dragon Hayalperest. Armed with his bag of newly decapitated al Haladin heads the scarred monk flew back to Semasit attempting to taunt the celebrating dwarves into following him by dropping numerous heads in their path.


After Valaheire and Arakasi managed to calm the people enough to begin the trip through the Dread Marsh, Guido heard the distinctive roars of approaching trolls drawn to the stench of fresh blood spilt by the headless corpses of Al Haladin. In a panic the remaining bald dwarven prisoners begged Guido to be released. After promising to not attack the group again they were set free.

As the trolls drew closer…


A battle with ten towering, sprawling armed monstrosities began and after numerous stealthy attacks by Valaheire, tree felling axe swings by Guido, and noxious vapors by Arakasi the trolls were nearly defeated. Then Hayalperest arrived with Dim dropping down deftly through the trees. Making short work of the remaining beasts all save one that ran away into the vine infested muck of the swamps.


I will lead the people toward the river. Also, I ask if any of them are well enough to hunt and/or forage for food for the people.


These people are as safe as is possible. I cannot deny that they needs food and water and rest, but we CANNOT delay for too long. We must push them to their limits to reach the safest haven possible as quickly as possible.

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