The Awakening of the Desert King

CHAPTER 6 SHEEP! Act III Have You Heard the News ?

"The Dogs Are Dead."

The final assault on the ruins of Zummurund resulted in Arakasi opening secret escape routes with his earth elementals allowing the villagers to escape. Meanwhile Lionheart was given the Shield of Ezekiah Forthwright and he and Valaheiere leapt through the portal between worlds. Dim Mak angered at the recalcitrant Dreaming Dragon invited a questing earthen power to share his body. Guido stood by the last of the Golden Sun paladins as they made a retreat. Outside the ruins Silvenestri Airships and hordes of Dreadhosts attacked the gathered Al Haladin dwarves beginning the Battle of Zumurund. It was soon learned that Corvis Malik’s forces were quickly scattered, routed and most were either killed or taken prisoner.



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