The Awakening of the Desert King


Stand and Fight ? Or Escape the Doomed Town ?

Siege kingdom of heavenAct I
The Guillotine Will Claim Her Bloody Prize
Tale of two cities conway

Arrested for causing in insurrection within the beset mining town of Brimstone, our Heroes face most certain death a the hands of the Hooded Man and his many geared guillotine. Meanwhile the mysterious and powerful Horde gathers outside the walls of the town and begins a ferocious bombardment. Utilizing great hurling siege engines and the black powder alchemical bombs of the Al Haladin dwarfs that built the great sulfur mines under and around Brimstone.

Act II
You’d Better Run All Day And Run All Night


After escaping death by guillotine and slaying “the Hooded Man” Al Haladin Executioner. The Heroes seek to escape the besieged town and discover the items of power they were sent by the Circulum Ursinum to find. Massive siege engine shot continues to rain down about them and as they near the Nastahljah Quarter a great hurtling mass of fiery purple stone slams down before them releasing numerous cackling, screaming skulls which immediately possess innocent fleeing bystanders. These possessed attack the heroes. Finally making it to the southern part of Brimstone the heroes recover the following:

  • The Book of Sorrows (Ancient Text Concerning Religious Rites During the Last Great War)
  • The Lacrimus Herbarius (An Ominously Sealed Bottle Containing an Unknown Substance)
  • The Diralith Staff (A Dragon Headed Staff Thrumming with Hungry Force)
  • The Shield of Scion (A Great Silver Dragon Emblazoned Shield Created by the Shadowsmith)

Finally, the group aroused the “Ancient Ones” heroes of long ago to rise up and defend this doomed city one last time…

Exit Light, Enter Night

Dealing with the local thieves guild known as the Bastards of Brimstone the group seeks to escape the town by way of the ancient mining tunnels after encountering their leader a man known as Snake Eyes. They head down under ground through a pit trap in a bar known as the Pit Trap but not before witnessing one of the Demon Riddled Siege shots slamming into a local orphanage followed by strange giggles and screams. The group flees from the scene and heads down into the darkness facing giant spiders and marauding red skinned Oni that have sought to enter the city from the mines. After a wrenching mine cart ride the group emerge into the starry filled night…


Good first three acts… But can act 4 compare?__

seajackson23 seajackson23

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