Lhainor Calithilon.


From my take there are many forces throughout the lands. The main ones we have encountered are Ghost walkers vs the Al Haddin dwarves. With humans being a bit scarce. Then of course the good vs evil theme with the evil wizard and all. However, I want to take this opportunity to introduce a new NPC. A leader of the Ghost Walkers. Lhainor Calithilon.

As much that is going on in the world he really doesn’t want to deal with the dwarves, but through their latest aggression he has no choice. His people will not sit idle as the Al Haddin put on hanging displays. When he brought back the games to his people, it started using just captured and sentenced dwarves. But the blood fury and the thirst for more games from his people, and the profits, made him open it up to all, including slaves.

He has heard of a group of misfits causing troubles for the dwarves, and senses the possibilities of these misshapen adventurers in the grand scheme of things.

Lhainor will be known by Valaheire as one of the major Ghostwalkers ambassadors in the Plains Elves Lands…he will be there keeping an eye on the Silvenestri’s ‘interests’ there.


Elven warrior

Lhainor Calithilon.

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