The Awakening of the Desert King

Interlude: The Elemental Champion!
There Can Be Only One...
CHAPTER 6 SHEEP! Act III Have You Heard the News ?
"The Dogs Are Dead."

The final assault on the ruins of Zummurund resulted in Arakasi opening secret escape routes with his earth elementals allowing the villagers to escape. Meanwhile Lionheart was given the Shield of Ezekiah Forthwright and he and Valaheiere leapt through the portal between worlds. Dim Mak angered at the recalcitrant Dreaming Dragon invited a questing earthen power to share his body. Guido stood by the last of the Golden Sun paladins as they made a retreat. Outside the ruins Silvenestri Airships and hordes of Dreadhosts attacked the gathered Al Haladin dwarves beginning the Battle of Zumurund. It was soon learned that Corvis Malik’s forces were quickly scattered, routed and most were either killed or taken prisoner.


CHAPTER 6 SHEEP! Act II No! This Is Not A Bad Dream
Act II No! This Is Not A Bad Dream


As the dust settles from Arakasi’s departure from the this world and the remaining Bloodripper Raptors are dispatched Guido staggers back amidst the exhausted, concerned villagers. raptor.jpg

Now comes the time of the calm before the storm. What will our heroes do ? What INCREDIBLE plans will they come up with ?

Guidos lighted axe begins to flicker out leaving the huddled villagers in dark forbidding ruins of Zumurund.

What do you do heroes ?

Act I You'd Better Watch Out, There May Be Dogs About

As the group finally decided to do what they can to evacuate the people of Semasit from the Well of Dreams and get to the road and head north to Mannan.

Meanwhile Dim Mak took to the skies aboard his new companion the Ryular dragon Hayalperest. Armed with his bag of newly decapitated al Haladin heads the scarred monk flew back to Semasit attempting to taunt the celebrating dwarves into following him by dropping numerous heads in their path.


After Valaheire and Arakasi managed to calm the people enough to begin the trip through the Dread Marsh, Guido heard the distinctive roars of approaching trolls drawn to the stench of fresh blood spilt by the headless corpses of Al Haladin. In a panic the remaining bald dwarven prisoners begged Guido to be released. After promising to not attack the group again they were set free.

As the trolls drew closer…


A battle with ten towering, sprawling armed monstrosities began and after numerous stealthy attacks by Valaheire, tree felling axe swings by Guido, and noxious vapors by Arakasi the trolls were nearly defeated. Then Hayalperest arrived with Dim dropping down deftly through the trees. Making short work of the remaining beasts all save one that ran away into the vine infested muck of the swamps.

Chapter 5 Act III Am I Right ? Am I Wrong

The heroes go back into the Iyi Rüyalar (well of dreams) and defeat Calaxamar the entity controlling the dragon Hayalperest (desert dreamer). In return Hayal gave each of them an item from his collection of heirlooms and agreed to Dim’s request to travel with the group for a time.


Upon returning to the surface the group brought the stolen women and children back to the little desert village of Semasit Evervas. Just in time to see three Praetorian Class Silvanestri airships barreling down on a battalion of Al Haladin outriders and jannisseries lead by Corvus Malik.


With a volley of black powder weapons firing shimmering jet black rounds the Al Haladin brought the vanguard ship crashing down to the ground. The Ghostwalkers scattered as the Al Haladin rode down on them slaying many.


The people of Semasit pleaded to the group to keep them from certain enslavement at the hands of the now victorious Al Haladin. It was decided to take the entire population underground and hide them in the Well of Dreams. Within twelve hours, food and water supplies dwindling the manscorpions appeared and escaped through hidden tunnels collapsing them as they fled. A small party of Al Haladin trackers stumbled across the entrance to the Well and were either captured or killed by the group. As the refugees from the village began to grow increasingly nervous the heroes prepared their next plan of action…

CH 5 Interlude : Heroes of the Dinner Table Conversation.

Settling into a lovely feast bought and paid for by Delilah agent of the Circulum Ursinum. The heroes sit back atop the Rooftop gardens of the White Crescent Moon Tavern, guzzling wine and beer and stuffing their faces. As the stars appear overhead and the pale moon rises in the east.
Below a crowd has begun to gather and softly pray…

123 valehiere portrait

Hey there Dim, How did you get so severly scarred? Ever dream of finding a ring of regeneration?

Dim: Each scar is a lesson, something that I was meant to learn. With each cut of the knife or lash of a whip I was made tougher that is one of many truths the Ancient one taught me.
Dim: A ring of what?

What about you there Guido. What kinda deal did that dragon want to make with you down there? You do realize that dragon is being controlled by an evil entity right?

Lionheart, I want to know whats your plan on saving those women and children down there. Any ideas?

So Arakasi, Do you think we should have tried to keep the book? That could have gave us both much power. I gained some just from glancing through it it…

Am I talking to myself here….???

  • ~Valheire Shadowcrest*

The ravensmall2

Lionheart roars: “My plan, dear sirs, is simple; kick the crap out of that oversized lizard then free the prisoners and reclaim the gold, silver and magic it has stolen from humanity. HEE HE HE HAW HAWH!”

Osayi says “Well at least that giant, hammer swinging ox stays consistent…a man of few words.”

Guido: (chomp, chew, chew… Gulp). Leave Dim alone Valerie! The scars give him character. But seriously, Dim, you can hold more than your own in a fight, why do you let everyone push you around? You should stand up for yourself. Sol can help.

Val: (Stroking Oyasi’s hair) What? I wasn’t attacking his character? Just curious how he got scarred up and if he ever thought of getting them healed. Thats a strange assumption you made.

Dim: So what you are telling me master Guido is that it is ok to hurt a travelling companion if he pushes me around first? I think I am more confused then I was before. When I first meet all of you, Arakasi demanded that I buy him things from the merchant with my magic rock. When I did not he treated me the way that you are saying that Val is treating me now. Pushing me around, I had no idea what the rock would do to Arakasi and wanted to see. I know he did not value me by the way he treated me, so I did not value him. But when I did what I did to Arakasi the entry group got mad at me, but now you are telling me it is ok to attack Val, i do not understand? Also Arakasi I am sorry for what I did to you before, I thought all you did was whine and demand things from others, now after spending some time with you, I no longer feel you are completely useless, the magic you use to make me strong is much appreciated, but I still think you fight with no honor.

Guido: Sorry Dim, attacking other isn’t what I meant. there are other ways to stand up for youself instead of hitting. Hitting is bad… I forget sometimes that you have not spent much time outside the arena. What I mean is that you shouldn’t can defend yourself with words and non-violent actions.

Also master Guido why did you fail saving that woman? You could have given her to me, for all the fighting I have done for you. Also what is a sol?

Val: I have to agree on saving that woman. You know you had no real shot of it right? Both Dim and I had a much better chance of saving her.

Guido: (puts down his food and lowers his head) it does pain me greatly that I was unable to save that poor woman. I plan on returning for her body to give it a proper burial. I didn try to have her hang on to someone else for transport, but she was so scared that she would not listen to reason and so I assumed all responsibility myself. I will pray for her and for myself for fogiveness from Sol. I do not believe I can ever be forgiven for her death.

Guido: (gulp, burp! Chomp, chomp). The humans aren’t the only ones trapped down there. That possessed dragon is just as much a prisoner. I got a good impression of the Demon possessing him. he’s more interested in us leaving him alone than anything else. Even tried to give away a magic helmet and a prisoner just so I would leave. I wouldn’t trust anything he gave me not to be cursed. I’ve been speaking with Dim and we think that some of the devices he’s wearing are helping to posses him. If we could destroy them, the dragon should return to normal. And that dragon could be a valuable ally. He must be possessed for a reason. Something strategic I think.

Val: (Getting shoulders rubbed from Osayi) That’s the impression I got from the dragon as well. We should hurry to save as many innocents as possible.

Guido: (chomp, nom, nom, nom). Lionheart, speaking of possessed, how’s that working for you? I would think you of all people would want to help free his soul. Or would you rather we just kill you too? I want your help to return this creature of Sol back to his natural state.

Guido: (guzzle…. Belch!) Arakasi, you curse like a Dwarf. Where did you learn to curse so well?

Val: (Sips a glass of wine) It must have been from a dwarf, right?

Guido: Yep. Humans just don’t curse that well on their own. Maybe he has some dwarf blood in him!

Guido: you’re not bad in a fight (nom, nom, nom) for an Elf. but seriously, Valerie, why is the first thing you do is hide?

Val: (hides) The art of the unseen can be a tremendous combat advantage. Cities have fallen not from armies, but from just from one man in the past.

Guido: (chomp. long pause. gulp) Hum. I suppose that is true. It’s just not the way I work. So long as you always back us up, I guess it works for me.

Dim to Lionheart: Why did you kill that man’s family? If someone killed our master Guido would you not be upset?

Dim to the party: I really think we need to go back for Selena, I fear what those creatures have done to her.

Lion Heart: This is war. (Speaking to everyone, broad gesture of the hands) If there is a better way, by Sol, speak of it. I am a simple warrior and know of only one way: (flexing a massive bicep) To wrestle justice from the hands of the wicked. And, (grappling a mellon [not you Russ] from the table and setting it in front of me) To win peace by smashing the forces of evil! (Smash mellon with closed fist.)

Val: Simple warrior? I thought you were a wise Paladin of Sol?

(melon is spelled with one “L” -Russ)

Dim, those people were casualties of war. I regret the loss of every innocent drop of blood ever shed upon the ground. My aim is to help people, even if I have to kill them to do it. You, yourself, know the pain and necessity of victory in combat— you killed your own master in order save yourself. I kill in order to save you and all who fight for what is GOOD.

Speaking of innocent blood, Guido, should you ever try to kill me, I fear ALL yours will be spilt! (Pause and Stare) You are right Guido, when I think of the terrible destruction that this possessed wyrm may cause- I shudder to think of letting it loose upon the world. It must be stopped. And I too, were I possessed could do great harm. If you must kill me let us go to the temple first- there I will sacrifice my life at your hands.

Val: I am confused… Why is Guido trying to kill you? An all what will be split?

Guido: I fear for the day when any of us must die at the hands of one of our comrads. I will try everything in my power to save you’all first. But Lionheart is correct, death may be the only way to save those possessed.

Val: Ummm, no… I know an elf who can exercise demons. So just subdue whomever, tie em up, and save thier lives… Why do I feel like I’m trying to convince a cleric and a paladin to save lives? Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Strange times indeed…

Lion Heart to Val: “innocent blood” spilt. What elf are you talking about? I would much rather save lives than destroy them. If you have a plan, please do go on, we can hear you so much better when you are not running away and hiding.

DIM MAK: (Dim to Lionheart): I did not know, I had killed the ancient one until I was back in my cage. All I know is that I saw him on the other side of the arena, I charged him and started beating him and then everything went black. It was not the first time every thing went black when I got angry, it also happened when I found my mother dead and my father standing over her with blood covered fists. But if Craig is right the ancient one is not dead, and he is still in the arena. I believe he should be the one we save after the dragon.

Chapter 5 Act II Once In a Lifetime

Shadow dragon 3

Down the heroes descend into the well of dreams. Encountering a room full of foul fungus that brought burning, choking and paralyzing dangers; eventually the five made it to the lower temple stairs guarded by two entrapped flame elementals.

Ever the finesse filled one, Arakasi kicked one of the brazier imprisoned elementals down the stairs setting off numerous traps and releasing and burning the Brood Mothers young. Enraged and on the attack the giant scorpion charged up the stairs only to encounter the second freed elemental. Against the pleading cries of Occam to not damage the Belial’s livelihood Lionheart smashed in the creatures chitinous head. Descending further they faced Turan Father of the Belial manscorpions. Arakasi was pierced with numerous crossbow bolts and nearly mortally injured. Retaliating with a roaring blast of sand and gravel the gem encrusted sorcerer destroyed all of the remaining Belial save Turan.

As the towering figure smote Lionheart driving the great man back a grim, hissing and ominous chuckling appeared from the darkness beyond. Calaxmar the entity controlling the great burnished black dragon appeared.

Calaxmar told the group that the dragon he was controlling must remain so shackled and chained with the mystic manacles or it would run wild and destroy them and the town. If the group promised to leave and never return to this temple he would set his captives free. “Bring me meat and I will give you items of power.” Meat could be apparently translated as conscious, intelligent creatures humanoids and the like. Guido stayed behind and dealt further with Calaxmar.

This resulted in one of the captives, a young woman being freed. Only to meet a horrible end choking and retching on toxic fungal spores.

Finally the group realizing they were possibly no match for the controlled dragon in their weary, beat down state returned to the village of Semasit. There they met once again with Delilah and received an encrypted message from the Circulum Ursinum.

En circulum fidelis good trans


!After fleeing the worm infested Hotel Shaitan and defeating the Dread Host of Malbogiah our heroes continued on their way north towards the capital of Alesandria. A few miles away from the monastery the group observed the Silvenstri airship to leave the storm now dissipating over the Runespire. The fading clouds and lightning was accompanied by the sounds of distant black powder shots and small flashes surrounding the spire area.

The airship rapidly approached the fleeing party and then hovered for a time as if waiting. Cloudlike, vaporous frost silhouettes of eight foot humanoids descended down on the group from the vessel some sixty feet overhead. Approaching the group they dropped a scroll ahead of them on the twisting, dusty roadway. Still several hours from sunrise the escapees of Brimstone hid away until the ship zoomed north into the night.

Ghostwalker good large handout

They then moved north as the light appeared in the east. As a small hill side town just came into view to the northeast several large scorpions appeared and begin to attack them. After dispatching these giant arachnids a strange sight appeared over a large rocky clump. A half man half scorpion that Dim had heard were once called the Belial. The figure introduced himself as Occam one of the last then Belial in the world. He was saddened by the loss of his scorpion livestock and requested that the group somehow help him. This involved journeying to the river bottom area known as the Dread Marsh where their ancient temple could be found. Apparently his brothers and sisters and father had all begun to act very strangely and speak in a bizarre language.

Promising to help Occam the heroes journeyed on to the scrubland town of Semasit Evervas where they quickly met the Onda (mayor) of the village Ezeek Kwazahali. Ezeek was also the tavern keeper and owner of the main mercantile shop in the village. Guido and Dim came into the town where they soon realized numerous people were missing, Semasit had become rather impoverished. Trade into and out had become beset by attackers in the night. Finally, two days before the Shrine to Sol had been ransacked, the head cleric was gone and blood and gore were found splattered about the place. Guido investigated and found that the sanctified ground had in fact been violated by symbols of evil and darkness. Dim was able to make a small amount of money entertaining the saddened villagers with acrobatics and tricks.

Finally the group gathered in the Shining Crescent Moon Tavern and discussed heading into the deep shadows of the Dread Marsh and seeking out the lost children and villagers. It was here they met X? operative of the Circulum Ursinum that promised to bring them a message if they in fact could discover the goings on in the Well of Dreams Temple. The home of the Belial.

Guido and Occam managed to subdue four of the Belial and then returned back to Semasit to regroup with the others.

Better Late than never

What do you remember ?



Paladin silver hand

Lionheart bound. The others surrounding him peering suspicious, nervous. Occasionally a strange clouded expression would pass over his face. His lips moving in silent tense conversation.

Arakasi became frustrated and prepared to leave.


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