The Awakening of the Desert King

Chapter 5 Act II Once In a Lifetime

Shadow dragon 3

Down the heroes descend into the well of dreams. Encountering a room full of foul fungus that brought burning, choking and paralyzing dangers; eventually the five made it to the lower temple stairs guarded by two entrapped flame elementals.

Ever the finesse filled one, Arakasi kicked one of the brazier imprisoned elementals down the stairs setting off numerous traps and releasing and burning the Brood Mothers young. Enraged and on the attack the giant scorpion charged up the stairs only to encounter the second freed elemental. Against the pleading cries of Occam to not damage the Belial’s livelihood Lionheart smashed in the creatures chitinous head. Descending further they faced Turan Father of the Belial manscorpions. Arakasi was pierced with numerous crossbow bolts and nearly mortally injured. Retaliating with a roaring blast of sand and gravel the gem encrusted sorcerer destroyed all of the remaining Belial save Turan.

As the towering figure smote Lionheart driving the great man back a grim, hissing and ominous chuckling appeared from the darkness beyond. Calaxmar the entity controlling the great burnished black dragon appeared.

Calaxmar told the group that the dragon he was controlling must remain so shackled and chained with the mystic manacles or it would run wild and destroy them and the town. If the group promised to leave and never return to this temple he would set his captives free. “Bring me meat and I will give you items of power.” Meat could be apparently translated as conscious, intelligent creatures humanoids and the like. Guido stayed behind and dealt further with Calaxmar.

This resulted in one of the captives, a young woman being freed. Only to meet a horrible end choking and retching on toxic fungal spores.

Finally the group realizing they were possibly no match for the controlled dragon in their weary, beat down state returned to the village of Semasit. There they met once again with Delilah and received an encrypted message from the Circulum Ursinum.

En circulum fidelis good trans


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