The Awakening of the Desert King

Chapter 5 Act III Am I Right ? Am I Wrong

The heroes go back into the Iyi Rüyalar (well of dreams) and defeat Calaxamar the entity controlling the dragon Hayalperest (desert dreamer). In return Hayal gave each of them an item from his collection of heirlooms and agreed to Dim’s request to travel with the group for a time.


Upon returning to the surface the group brought the stolen women and children back to the little desert village of Semasit Evervas. Just in time to see three Praetorian Class Silvanestri airships barreling down on a battalion of Al Haladin outriders and jannisseries lead by Corvus Malik.


With a volley of black powder weapons firing shimmering jet black rounds the Al Haladin brought the vanguard ship crashing down to the ground. The Ghostwalkers scattered as the Al Haladin rode down on them slaying many.


The people of Semasit pleaded to the group to keep them from certain enslavement at the hands of the now victorious Al Haladin. It was decided to take the entire population underground and hide them in the Well of Dreams. Within twelve hours, food and water supplies dwindling the manscorpions appeared and escaped through hidden tunnels collapsing them as they fled. A small party of Al Haladin trackers stumbled across the entrance to the Well and were either captured or killed by the group. As the refugees from the village began to grow increasingly nervous the heroes prepared their next plan of action…


We are weary and tired. our strength and resolve fading.

I need to regain my center, my faith and my will. I need to recuperate. Arakasi’s school hopefully will provide that. But with our luck, and the every growing evil, that seems unlikely.

We have been running. Every step we take is in reaction to what the Evil throws at us. and we have barely survived. Rather than simply survive, we need to turn the tide of Evil. Strike a blow at it and show the world that all is not lost. I would like to visit the lost city and discover what secrets it hids. I suspect that all the answers lie there.

Everywhere we turn, we discover more and more decay. The armies of Al’Hadeem and Silvinestri are spreading the Evil they claim to be fighting. They are being used and aren’t even aware of it. Their leaders need to recognize the Evil that is driving their actions and reject it’s lies. A mediation of hostilities is the only way to save the land. But gaining an audiance with the leaders, let alone convincing them of the true nature of their actions, nothing short of impossible.

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